Out Of Bounds

January 23rd, 2015, 3:01 pm

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Dregan, January 23rd, 2015, 10:52 am     Reply

Meteor had a sprite which appeared to be a high-angle dropkick. I have no idea if that's it's actual purpose, but it was too perfect to pass up - plus, allows me to actually use the corner posts for diving which I'm glad for.

Also! Started transferring images over to Imgur, and thus the FnF archives are now all reuploaded! Now I just need to worry about the html images...

Advertisement, July 20th, 2018, 3:34 am     Reply

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Snurple-the-Hedgehog, January 23rd, 2015, 5:22 pm     Reply

It was actually a dodge pose, but what the hey! That's useful too! It's brilliant.

Ricky Bob (Guest), January 24th, 2015, 12:14 am     Reply

Anyone else completely stunned by the mass amounts of speech bubbles all over the page?

That's quite a lot of commentary though.

Exerkol, January 24th, 2015, 6:22 am     Reply


Spekkal_X2, January 24th, 2015, 6:48 am     Reply

So I'm gonna assume when it reaches 10, only Azurus is disqualified? Or is it both of them?
Or is it when it reaches 7?
Bloody hell that would be hell to count for with multi-man matches.

Dregan, January 24th, 2015, 1:08 pm     Reply

@Spekkal_X2: Count-out counts anyone out who is outside the ring at the end of the count. Anyone exiting the ring during a count-out will reset the count, which allows for more time brawling and such outside.

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