Things to know before you cameo;
1. There will be some quality control for cameos in this series - some cameos may be turned down. Reasons can vary from eyesore shading to attempting to enter a Competitor lacking in combat sprites. You will be informed of the reason if you are turned down.
2. For Competitors/Managers primarily; Even if your character is a 'good guy' or a 'bad guy' normally, they mat not always be presented as such. Both positives and negatives of characters will highlighted and used to justify and write feuds. Whichever role they're taking, I will still try to remain true to the character's personality.
3. For Competitors; Not everyone can be the hero! You can't expect to win every match, and will have to be prepared to sometimes lose even the most important of matches! Still, over time I hope everyone will have at least some time to shine.
4. For Competitors; Sometimes teams will fall apart - sometimes new teams will form. Don't expect characters to neccesarily always hold the role they have. If you are wanting any of your characters not currently in a team to form a new team, feel free to contact me at any time.!
5. At the moment you may only enter a maximum of two characters!

Cameo Form
If you wish to cameo, please fill in the parts of the form applicable below, and PM the finished product to Dregan! Please also supply a sprite sheet to use for your character.
Required Info
Name: (Your character's name, as well as any nicknames they may have.)
Age: ('Unknown' or similar vagueness will be accepted.)
Gender: (Male, Female, Trangender, Robot, Clown, whatever is applicable.)
Role: (What role you wish to have in the comic - Competitors fight for titles. Tag/Team Competitors do similar, but are part of a team. Managers stand at ringside and advise Competitors on what to do. Fans are accepted as brief cameos. Anything else you can think of, feel free to write here!)
Personality: (Probably the most important section, determines how they will behave. Feel free to keep it short, though would prefer to avoid single-word answers like 'nice'.)
Background: (Some background information on your character - can be very brief, primary purpose is for me to understand the character a little better.)
Powers: (Any powers or abilities the character might have - very important for Competitors so I can understand what they're capable of in battle.)
For Tag/Team Competitors
Team Name: (Basic team names like 'Franky and Billy' are fine.)
Other Members: (Please gain permission from other people before placing yourself in a team with their characters.)
Relation: (Basic info on how teammates know each other and how they behave towards one another.)
Optional Info
Reason For Joining: (If you feel your character might have a particular reason for joining, feel free to offer it up to me. There for glory of victory? Chance for some real fighting? Perhaps just to meet some like-minded people on the roster? For the pay, for a friend, whatever - it's your call!)
Theme/Entry Song: (Obviously won't be actual music in the comic, but might help give an idea for character entries and a flow/pacing to them.)
Fighting Style: (If you have a very clear idea on how your character would approach a fight and the sort of strategies they might use, feel free to tell me so I can try and incoporate it in battles!)
Finisher: (If your character has a big special 'finale' or 'signature' move they like to use to take people down, inform me here!)
Relations: (If you character happens to know any other characters FNF, please feel free to tell me about it here! Obviously you won't neccesarily know other people in it yet, so you can come back to me and keep me updated on this section if you wish!)
Other: (Any other info you think I might need!)

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