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Friday Night Ferocity

The new age of combatitive sport is upon us! No more do tournaments rule the waves, with our competitive heroes being a flash in the pan. Now is the time for building stars! Prepare to view various independent fighters join a roster of competitors all ready to prove they are the best, working against each other for the new greatest prize in sports entertainment! The FNF Title! Are you ready to make your Friday Nights just that little bit more... ferocious?



I accidentally my finger. To be precise, I appear to've developed Trigger Finger - at least something similar to it. Now, it's not too severe luckily, and it's not on one of my primary fingers (for primary finger use), so there will still be comics and things I can do. I can operate my computer and all that jazz.
Still, it is on my dominant hand, and currently as a make-shift splint I effectively have a big felt-tip top taped to my finger, which is rather unwieldy. Sooo... it's quite annoying, and may slow things down.
Sooo, yeah! Expect updates, buuut perhaps a little slower than usual.

posted by Dregan @ October 19th, 2015, 9:37 am  -  0 comments

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